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The professional recruiters at Nuvola Staffing stand head above the rest in helping you discover great companies that are looking for candidates exactly like you. We deliver the best recruiting experience above other job search agencies because we strive harder to understand and articulate your unique skillsets. At Nuvola, we know that employment agencies are only as good as the candidates that they source, select, screen, submit and ultimately place. Finding an ideal role through a recruiting firm can either be an adventure in feeling around in the dark, or it can be a masterfully guided experience from first communication to accepting an offer of employment with a company you love. This is why our motto is “Love what you do, do what you love”.


Hire the Right Candidate

Nuvola Staffing screens for more than just skillsets. We recruit for “FIRST PRINCIPLES THINKING”; we recruit for candidates that place company first when making decisions at work. We measure candidates against soft skill factors such as emotional intelligence, agreeableness, and team work.

The end product is that you get candidates that fit well with your unique company culture and who are tight matches with your job requirements. Our specialties include Sales, Marketing, Operations, IT and custom searches that require niche recruitment.


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If you seek a role that will catapult you to the next stage in your career development we have multiple exciting opportunities that will get you there.

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