3 Tips for How to Work with Staffing Agency’s

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August 21, 2017
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Tip #1 Urgency to fill the role is essential:

Organizations and staffing agencies partner best when there is urgency to fill the role. The best staffing agencies have a speed-to-hire mentality. If the agency submits 4-7 qualified candidates and the line managers at the company are not quick to begin interviewing them, they stand to lose those candidates to the other companies on the market. Solution: Hiring managers can suggest as a guide post when they would like the hire to be completed by.

Tip #2: Make sure that recruiters calibrate quickly:

If the recruiters who are sourcing for your open role(s) do not understand what the requirements are, they will inevitably “sling mud” -or submit numerous unqualified talent. Solution: Schedule 1-2 intake meetings and ask recruiters questions to check whether they truly get what you are looking for.

Tip #3: Try to avoid drastically changing the job requirements mid-course:

One of the biggest frustrations for recruiters is when hiring managers do not understand what they are looking for until weeks well into the search. Recruiters spend days sourcing, screening, and writing up notes for your roles. Recruiting on phantom roles is not the best use of their time. Solution: Small corrections are expected, but try to only initiate the search when the job description has been fully defined.


What kind of organizations benefit most from working with staffing agencies?

Companies with a contingent work force and those that can budget for staffing agency placement fees are ideally positioned to partner with recruiting companies. Also, those that are able to pay net-30 to net-60 (i.e., pay invoices after 30 to 60 days of candidates first day of hire). Companies that might not be a fit for a staffing agency partnership are those with unrealistic expectations such as the few that pay the full placement fee 6 months after the candidate is hired. What these organizations often do not factor are the operating costs in making a hire. A protracted pay-out is not financially feasible for many agencies, especially for boutique staffing firms that work on shoe-string budgets.

How can organizations ensure they choose the right agencies?

The best way to do this is to bring on multiple agencies and form close partnerships with the agency(s) that: work the hardest, submit the best talent that the market can bare, and that are easy to work with on an interpersonal level. For ore tips on what the recruiting industry is doing, please subscribe to the newsletter!
Chris Ortega
Chris Ortega
Chris is founder and CEO of Nuvola Staffing. He brings extensive experience partnering with clients and helping them achieve workforce planning and hiring strategies. Chris served honorably in the U.S Navy for 8 years; he was deployed overseas during 9/11 and was highly decorated during his enlistment. He has been a top recruiter for some of the most technologically advanced organizations such as Google and Cloudera. Chris is ambitious about matching great people with dream jobs -especially his fellow veterans!