Career Opportunities

Are you looking to make a career change or maybe just testing the waters to see what else is out there? Nuvola Staffing can help. We differ from other staffing agencies in many ways. Past job candidates have listed the following as their favorite Nuvola perks.

Get Access to Nationwide Opportunities

For starters, we're a national staffing agency, which means we look for career opportunities all across the United States. This obviously opens more doors for our employment candidates because, sometimes, the best jobs within your field aren't necessarily within your current neighborhood.

Find Your Ideal Match for Employment

We also strive to find niche employment opportunities for our candidates. If you have unique skills that you aren't sure how to market, we can help you find an employer who is looking for those specific skills. Oftentimes, these employers are having difficulties finding great employees who possess the skills they need to get the job done. You could be the ideal candidate an employer is looking for right now.

Create a Dedicated Relationship With Your Employer

We don't focus on temporary positions. While we have a variety of job opportunities available, including contract work and direct-hire, our main goal is to find long-term solutions for both employers and potential candidates. The companies we work with are dedicated to finding the right employees. We strive to match them with the best possible candidates so the employer-employee relationship starts off on the right foot.

Our Process

Working with Nuvola is easy. Our representatives will help you get started. We'll ask a few questions to get to know you a little better, then we'll match you with potential employers based on your skills and experience. We have opportunities available for every skill, and we have a great track record of matching our candidates with their dream jobs. Best of all, your recruiter works with you throughout the entire process. They'll help you perfect your resume, train you on proper interview etiquette and help you submit for the positions you find most interesting. You can also ask your recruiter for assistance if you have questions post-hire.

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If you'd like to get started today, you can use the contact form on our website, email us at or call (832) 422-5099.